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Brigit Kavanagh
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Breakout Session
April 21, 2017 | 12:00 PM

Family Philanthropy Feuds - Dividing the Foundation and More

Brigit Kavanagh, Kavanagh Rhomberg, LLP


Family Philanthropy Feuds Dividing the Foundation and More  Brigit Kavanagh, Attorney  Whether it is spouses dissolving their marriage or the second generation siblings who don't agree on much, sometimes it is necessary to divide a family's philanthropy.  The division involves technical questions of federal tax law and often questions of charitable trust.    In this session, we will meet some family archetypes who may be familiar to philanthropic advisors and who will bring to life what might cause a division of a family's philanthropy and highlight some of the key issues involved.     Learning Objectives.  Participants will: 
1. Review the basic legal structure of Private Foundations, Charitable Remainder Trusts, and Charitable Pledges (this will be a fairly high level overview, with the assumption that participants will be generally familiar with these giving forms).  
2. Learn key factors to consider when dividing philanthropy in the contexts of divorcing spouses and disagreeing siblings.  
3.  Learn technical aspects involved in dividing philanthropy (focusing on federal tax matters for private foundations primarily, but also addressing charitable remainder trusts and binding pledge agreements).


Brigit specializes in the laws of nonprofit and tax exempt organizations and brings over a decade of experience to her work.  Brigit’s law practice focuses on matters such as charitable gift planning, nonprofit governance, private foundations, public charities, supporting organizations, donor advised funds, international grantmaking, and program related investments.  A former teaching volunteer in the US Peace Corps, Brigit is a teacher at heart and speaks frequently at conferences and seminars on matters relevant to the philanthropic sector.  Brigit is also an adjunct professor at Golden Gate University of Law where she co-teaches Tax Aspects of Charitable Giving in the LLM program (Spring 2017).  She is also the co-author of Dividing Philanthropy on Dissolution of Marriage, published in the State Bar of California’s Family Law News in September, 2016.  Brigit has a law practice in the San Francisco Bay Area and serves clients near and far.

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