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Jay Cherney
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Breakout Session
April 19, 2017 | 2:00 PM

The Power of Knowing Your Donor's Money Story

Jay Cherney, Wealth 360

As a psychologist, Jay Cherney has a distinctly donor-focused, relational understanding of donors. His approach involves a systematic inquiry into the personal narratives,the inner stories or scripts,that drive donors decisions about giving (and everything else).   Opening an awareness of highest purposes with money strengthens the emotional connections and deepens the engagement between donors and charitable organizations.   Knowing the unique motives for giving, what makes each donor tick, serves as a catalyst for more focused, fulfilling and lasting philanthropic collaboration. This discovery process is a genuine gift that can change a donor's life, and launch positive transformations that ripple out for everyone.  Through research and stories Jay will explain how humans are social to the core. This foundational aspect of human nature drives decisions to invest in purpose beyond the self.   He will also explain how to capture a donor's money story and how to understand how the core values embedded in this inner script reveal the donor's deepest needs. This information allows the organization to connect more fully and design a more fulfilling engagement for the donor with the mission.

  Jay Cherney, Ph.D. is a psychologist with more than 30 yearoexperience as a clinician, facilitator, family wealth consultant, speaker anmediator. In all these roles, Dr. Cherney applies a narrative model to facilitate deeper awareness of purpose and personal strengths. As a member of the Appreciative Inquiry community, he seeks to improve human systems by co-creating a future based on existing successes and strengths in collaborative relationships.


 In 2007, Dr. Cherney co-founded Wealth 360, a peer learning group for high net worth entrepreneurs. Through the power of collective intelligence and open dialogue, a Wealth 360 group process generates life-changing new perspectives on the challenges facing affluent families. In consulting with advisors and high net worth client families, Dr. Cherney uses his Money Story Consult to clarify clients core values for more satisfying business, financial and life decisions. Clarifying each family members money story is the basis for planning business and wealth succession that builds cohesion down the generations.


 Dr. Cherney delivers his one-day workshop, Navigating Difficult Conversations for a variety of corporate clients. He also offers keynote presentations on conflict management, collaboration, teambuilding and resilience. His clients include Johnson & Johnson, AstraZeneca, Novo Nordisk, Mimox, A.G. (Zurich, Switzerland) and the FDA, among others. He is also a mediator for the United States Postal Service.


 He is a board member and workshop coordinator for Shaking the Tree, a not-for-profit organization with a unique theatre-based approach to transforming conversations about wealth. He develops customized half-day workshops and keynote presentations around filmed stories of multi-generational families grappling with pivotal decisions about wealth, meaning and purpose.


Dr. Cherney co-authored Appreciative Team Building: Positive Questions to Bring Out the Best of Your Team (2004)He earned an M.S. in clinical psychology from Hahnemann University and a Ph.D. in counseling psychology from Temple University.

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